Travis Wayne Sanderson is the co-founder and general manager of Go/Refuge. Although originally from Texas, he was raised in Western Europe and the United States' West Coast. After witnessing the 2015 influx of Syrian refugees to Austria, he started the campaign for Middlebury College to actively work to ameliorate the world refugee crisis with Jeff Holland. His essays on refugeeism have been published in various newspapers and magazines. He manages Go/Refuge operations from planning to marketing.


Meron Benti was born in Ethiopia, raised in Italy, and has been living in the U.S. for the past three years. Since for most of her life has been an immigrant and an asylee away from her homeland, she feels great empathy toward refugees. When she heard that several students were interested in doing something practical to aid these refugees and to improve the situation, she immediately decided to join them. Meron's desire is to help other refugees or immigrants that are less fortunate than her and she is confident that Go/Refuge can help her in doing so.



Tatsatom Gonçalves is originally from southern Brazil. Although he has no previous experience with refugeeism himself, he grew up as part of a community with widespread financial limitations. While hardly in a position hugely different from that of his friends, he was privileged enough to learn a number of foreign languages and to devote most of his teenage years solely to school. This was clearly not the reality of those he lived with, who often had to supplement school with part-time jobs and for whom private lessons in foreign languages were never opportunities that would come without considerable sacrifice. Aware of his own privilege and deeply impacted by the experiences of the community that he was a part of, Tatsatom has been moved by the cause of Go/Refuge to make his own contribution in improving people's lives not only back in the Brazilian countryside but all over the world. His involvement with the project began through the article he published back in February. He helps organize Go/Refuge events. 


Hannah Krutiansky is a native New Yorker with Argentinian roots. She is studying geography with a minor in Spanish at Middlebury College. Her grandparents were refugees after surviving the Holocaust; thus, the current refugee situation feels very personal to her. She eagerly joined the Go/Refuge team when she got wind of what they were up to on campus. She currently serves as campaign manager & social media coordinator.




Jeff Holland is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, and is the co-founder and fundraising coordinator for Go/Refuge. He is a Comparative Literature major at Middlebury, and has worked with Go/Refuge since its inception. In addition to fundraising, his current major project is coordinating Go/Refuge's assistance in the local refugee resettlement project in Rutland, Vermont.                                                                                                                                                        



Erich Wu is a Taiwanese-American student at Middlebury College. Reading articles and news about refugees around the world, he feels strongly that refugees should be provided equal rights and opportunities despite the conditions and environment they’re in. He has coordinated activities and events since high school and decided to use his abilities to help this cause. He believes that our actions, even the small and seemingly insignificant ones, can mean a lot to certain people and positively impact their lives. Currently, he helps coordinate events and outreach efforts.









Zorica Radanovic is a Serbian-American who immigrated to the United States when she was four years old. For those first four years of her life, Zorica and her family were refugees in Germany after fleeing the conflict in Serbia during the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s. She got involved with Go/Refuge because of her desire to create a welcoming community to everyone and anyone that needs it. She is currently working on outreach efforts.



Rebecca Duras is a Croatian-American from Queens, New York. Her concern about refugeeism and immigration arises from her status as a first-generation American with many close family friends who were forced out of their homes during the wars of the 1990s. Her involvement with Go/Refuge began with an editorial she wrote for the campus. She is currently focusing on research efforts.